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Scott's Man and van.

Our Prices:

We  value, respect and treat each customer as an an individual in order to get the most fitting and fair price for the job they are wanting, and because of this we are unable to set a set price list.

We believe that this is the fairest possible way of quoting our customers, as every job has different items, different locations, different weights, different needs, and  therefore we will give each job an individual price. 

If you are curious at what will effect the pricing on your job however, here is a list of variables that may alter your price:


We are located in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, and therefore jobs located closer to this location will get cheaper quotes, as it costs us less to travel to you, the price will go up respectively with the distance away from this location.


If you're just wanting a few items transported, that is fine, we will not charge you for a full van load, and only charge you for the items in the van, the more items, and the heavier they are, the higher the price will be, but this will only have a minor effect.

Travel Distance:

The travel distance from point A to point B will be a big factor of the quote; If it is a short distance, it will be cheaper, and if it is longer, it will be more expensive.

Van Loads:

If more than one van load is required, than the quote will likely be more, and this will also be effected by travel distance, however, if we initially quote you for more than one van load, and it manages to fit in one, we will reduce this cost from your final bill.

Extra Men:

If you're requiring an extra man for your job, we will happily oblige, however it will add £10 per hour onto the total quote.